Every time we sign up for a new product, we're bombarded with countless onboarding emails. These "thank you for signing up" and "please let us know if you have any questions" are inevitably left unread. Email has become such an oversaturated channel that only 24% of business emails are ever read.

At Across, we use a different strategy for communicating with our signups, one that actually helps us connect with our users, answer their questions, and learn from their feedback.

Instead of sending a sequence of onboarding emails, we automatically send an invitation to join a dedicated Slack channels with us to everyone who signs up for a trial.

Automated invitation to join a dedicated Slack channel

This strategy has led to a 50%+ higher response rate from our trial customers than a standard email onboarding campaign (we define response rate as trial customers that we have a conversation with).

There are multiple reasons for why Slack is better than email for communicating with trial customers:

  1. It makes the customer feel "wow-ed" that they are getting such a high-touch support experience from our company
  2. It lets us start an authentic conversation with the customer. Slack conversations are much more human than email conversations, which are easy to ignore
  3. It helps tighten the feedback loop. Customers are far more willing to give us feedback in Slack than respond to an email
  4. We leave the Slack channels open even when customers don't convert immediately. This helps us stay top of mind when they are ready to purchase

We've created an API that you can use to automate the creation and invitation to the shared Slack channels. Please send us an email at kunal@acrossapp.com if you're interested in learning more.