Over the past couple weeks, we've found ourselves looking for opportunities to devote our skills - software engineering and business operations primarily - to help respond to COVID-19. We've put together an initial list of four great places we found that contain opportunities to contribute to.

Please send us an email at founders@acrossapp.com if you'd like us to include your project on the list.

U.S. Digital Response for COVID-19

The U.S. Digital Response team is looking for volunteers with relevant experience including healthcare, data, engineering & product development, general management, operations, supply chain/procurement and more.

Volunteers are matched to government programs that need help. Example projects include:

  • Making it easier to collect and collate data from private and public testing facilities
  • Keeping websites and systems that are under unprecedented strain from going down (i.e. benefit application systems for unemployment insurance, etc.)
  • Building/implementing a system to better collect and track data from hospitals about their bed and ventilator capacity
  • Helping data scientists with modeling and mapping infection data
  • Helping with project & general operational management, as well as supply chain and procurement expertise

Help With COVID

Help with COVID is an online list of 250+ projects for engineers, researchers, and healthcare workers to contribute to.

Examples projects include tracking COVID-10 cases, researching materials to reduce transmission, and delivering groceries to the elderly.

Corona Volunteer

Corona Volunteer contains opportunities for supporting local communities during the COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on the United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States.

Projects can be submitted to the Corona Volunteer list using this form.

Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Over 5000 organizations are using the Coronavirus Tech Handbook to coordinate and share information and best practices in next to real time, in the UK, US and around the world. Hundreds of new contributors post thousands of new pieces of information everyday.

The handbook contains ways to find volunteer opportunities, as well as directories of local volunteer groups.

We will continue to update this list as more opportunities are published. Please send us an email at founders@acrossapp.com if you'd like us to include your project on the list.