At Across, we wanted to see how many other technology companies and service providers we use on a regular basis. The answer was way more than we thought. For a seed stage 2 person startup, we already use 28 different tools regularly totaling $227 / month (we’re on the free plans for many of them). And, this excludes libraries in our product. It’s self-inflicted, but a lot of tools nonetheless.

I'm sure this number will grow as we hire employees and have to buy HR and IT software as well (and I'm sure I forgot a few existing tools on this list). We're interested to hear what other startup stacks look like!

Productivity & Project Management

  • GSuite ($12 / month) - Standard email, file storage in Drive, analysis in Sheets, and presentations in Slides
  • Slack ($13 / month) - Internal communication and supporting customers in shared Slack channels
  • Airtable (free) - CRM to track our sales funnel
  • Notion ($16 / month) - Storing interview notes, brainstorming product and feature ideas

Development & Design

  • GitHub ($7 / month) - Version control / source management
  • Trello (free) - Product roadmap, issue tracking
  • Figma ($24 / month) - Designing product mocks
  • Miscellaneous IDEs (free) - Sublime, Vim, VSCode
  • Robo 3T (free) - MongoDB GUI


  • Mixpanel (free) - Front and backend analytics. We are on a startup plan so receive Mixpanel for free for up to 250K MTUs
  • Sentry ($26 / month) - Error logging and reporting
  • Fullstory (free) - Session replay. We are on a startup plan so receive Fullstory for free

Payments, Hosting & Authentication

  • Stripe (pricing depends on volume) - Accepting payments
  • Heroku (free) - Hosting. We are still using free dynos
  • Firebase (free) - Authentication. We are still on the free plan
  • Cloudflare ($20 / month) - CDN + DNS

Sales & Marketing, Customer Support

  • Hubspot ($45 per month) - Email outreach and contact management. We are on the Startup plan so receive Hubspot 90% off
  • Drift (free) - Chat widget on our website. We've stuck with the basic free plan
  • Mailchimp (free) - Automated emails on signups
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator ($80 / month) - Finding leads to contact
  • SalesQL ($29 / month) - Finding email addresses for leads
  • Zoom (free) - Web conferencing
  • Twilio (pricing depends on volume) - Business phone number, used in conjunction with FounderPhone
  • Boomerang (free) - Reminders to follow up with people in email
  • FounderPhone (free) - Send and receive texts and calls directly in Slack. Free since we built it ourselves :)
  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Discord - Use these channels to communicate with customers
  • Brex (free) - Business cash account and credit cards. Free until we scale

We're interested to hear what other startup stacks look like!

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